Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun Saturday

JIm heard about this Lego event at Pottery Barn Kids and we just had to go. We waited in line to enter the store, since there would be a limited supply of Lego supplies for the name plate activity.

James entertained us while we waited. He's such a great kid.


There was a line to get in and we were quickly herded to the back where there were little tables of Legos and letter guidelines. James and Dad quickly got to work and made James' nameplate.

Good work!

James had some money burning a hole in his pocket so we went to Target to scope out the toys.

I like this picture because they look like Twins! Same stride, same style.

And a little more fun... Snuffy's Malt Shop for lunch! So good!


Surely we had more fun that day but that's all I took pictures of :) It's always a fun day when I'm with my boys!


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