Sunday, November 25, 2012


There was a day earlier this month that I was home sick. I actually got bored and was feeling better so I started to clean. My way of cleaning is to organize. I don't do well with toilets, floors, etc. I would much rather go through stuff and sort. Throw away.

But not this stuff. I can't get rid of baby things. I mean, strollers and things like that we've given to friends or Goodwill. But these things are memories. Great baby memories :)

I started with the chest in James' room.

Baby onesies from my baby shower. James actually wore these, you can tell my the spit-up stains on the neck!

"I'm Bringing Sexy Back"


His first pairs of shoes. The penguin soft shoes were his first pair ever (Kiki). The boots were just awesome (ChaCha). And the brown shoes were his first walking shoes. My Mom kept insisting on Stride Rite shoes so I did get them. I was horrified to pay $35 for such little shoes, but I did. I'm glad.


His coming home outfit, complete with a (clean) newborn diaper. Seriously the tiniest little thing. Awwwww.

I'm saving his best, cutest art projects and papers. I'm putting them in one large pile for now. I should probably figure out how to organize this a bit better.

His first toys, bits of Blankie, and other little mementos.

A beautiful collection of handknit blankets and knit hats. I lined them up from his newborn sizes to toddler. They are all beautiful but I really loved the last two hats- the Elmer Fudd and Penguin hats. So freaking awesome. Thanks Tia ChaCha!


These felt guys have snaps on the backs, they snapped to the coordinating onesies. I love these things.



Back when James was called "the next Tiger Woods" we bought him this little PGA polo shirt and souvenir golf club from Seaport Village, San Diego.

Tia Kiki gave James these really cool soccer jerseys a few years ago. From Japan? Well, he's going to look so handsome in them this summer. He'll finally be the right size! (We haven't forgotten about them, Kiki!)

This definitely is NOT in the trunk but this is the cool blanket that James received for his birthday from Tia ChaCha and Uncle Rich. That ChaCha is so talented!

It looks great in his room. And he uses it every night!

I also cleaned the rest of the room. Dried up playdough got thrown away, stuffed animals were put away (he doesn't really play with them), books put back on the shelf, clothes sorted.

It made me very happy!


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