Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sick baby

James is sick again. He and I have been fighting colds for a couple of weeks now, I thought it was mostly gone until last night. Jim and I were startled to hear coughing through the baby monitor last night. James has never really had a cough before! Actually this will be his second real illness since birth!

Yesterday we prepared for our football guests by cleaning the house and getting groceries. Jim was a master chef and made all the football goodies. So Jim's friends came over today for the football game. The Vikings lost. Oh well. There were a couple of kids here today but I kept James away from them, thinking they wouldn't want to be sick- especially the 2 month old baby! James was pretty intrigued by the kids, too bad he was crabby most of the day :(

I didn't end up giving James a bath tonight because he looked so miserable. It was a struggle anyway to give him a bottle (only drank half) and then change his diaper. I knew the bath wouldn't go over well. I also took his temperature and it was 102. Poor James! I gave him some Baby Motrin.

Well, we'll decide in the morning if James should go to daycare. I have to review their sick policy. I don't think they would appreciate James giving his cold/flu to everyone!

There are still photo issues- I tried uploading the pictures again but there must be something wrong with this babysite. I know I did it right, so there is something wrong on this end. They better fix this! It will get pretty annoying soon.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


James had his doctor's appointment yesterday, and of course after I made the appointment his skin seemed to be getting better. I felt a little foolish but then decided I would rather be too cautious and play it safe. The doctor did say that it looked like a reaction to soap, fabric, or something like that. He recommended that we not bathe James for a few days and apply (prescribed) hydrocortisone cream to his back, let it clear up, and then go ahead with baths using our regular products. If it flares up again, we will know that it is the bath products or laundry detergent. The rash could be from a scratchy fabric or just a sudden reaction to bath products we've been using for months. Who knows! He did want us to get this cleared up ASAP because he said he's seen nasty rashes that spread to a child's face, arms, neck, etc.

Oh, and James is weighing in at 24 lbs, 2 ozs.! No wonder he seems heavy lately. He is a big boy!

James is doing well at daycare, he's been happier at night and lots of fun. I love to watch James climb and play on his Dada. He climbs over Jim like he's a mountain to conquer! Its interesting to see how James plays differently with both of us. With me, James likes to be held or likes the rough and tumble play- I throw him up in the air, chase him around the ottoman, or swing him around in circles. With Jim, he will play on the floor or climb over him- fascinated with his Dada's stubble and his face. I also love the greeting that Jim gets when he comes home from work- James will stop what he is doing, crawl over to the door, and raise his hands up like he want to be picked up. Its so cute how excited he gets! I always say, "Dada is home! Dada is home!"

James is also getting really good at saying "Da". We practice in the car. Now if we can just get him to say "Da Da" and know it means Jim!

Monday, September 24, 2007

B is for Baby, Bedtime, Bath, and Books

Jim has been working with James to repeat words and sounds. We had a lively conversation in the car, on the way home from Minneapolis on Saturday. We had gone to Tia Ana's to check on Cousin Maya and then we went to Peter's Billiards to browse the pool tables, wall art, and barstools.

On Sunday we met Grandma Rosie and Larry for breakfast. Sorry the pictures aren't up yet, but the website was under maintenance last night and I couldn't upload or update. I'm actually surprised to see no change to the babysite. I had hoped they were adding new backgrounds or features. Oh well!

Anyway, the breakfast was fun. Grandma is always fun! BUT when we got home we were pretty alarmed to see James sweating heavily! He was asleep for the whole ride home and didn't fuss... I did notice the sun was shining on him but it wasn't hot in the car. We quickly stripped him down and gave him a bottle and he was fine. It was just weird.

There is another concern that I need to address- James has a really bad rash or dry patch of skin on the top of his back. We've noticed it for a while but it doesn't seem to be getting better- despite lotion and natural bath products. We're worried because the last couple of times James has screamed/cried when we put lotion on his back :( I don't know what else to do but take him to the doctor. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow or Wednesday.

James was a bit crabby all weekend. I think he misses being around kids. He keeps himself busy at times, playing happily with toys or household items, but then would cry/fuss until we picked him up. He is one squirmy baby though! I tried sitting on the deck with him but he just doesn't sit still. I think he just really wants to crawl/walk and be wild :)

I must be forgetting something, but I have to go. Afternoon meeting. Adios!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mr. Happy Mellow Fellow

This is what Sandra calls James. She says he is always happy, always mellow. Mr. Happy Mellow Fellow!

Nothing too exciting to report. Work has been busy for both Jim and myself, James is doing well at daycare- we can't wait for the weekends to come. This weekend Grandma Rosie and Larry will be in MN for the Renaissance Festival. We're joining them for breakfast on Sunday.

Monday, September 17, 2007


James is so unlike me in the mornings. He is happy as can be! I am definitely not a morning person and most mornings I will run around crazy trying to get organized and ready in time to leave. James doesn't have a care in the world- he's a baby! He gets his bottle and his diaper changed and he's good to go :)

Yesterday was an eventful day. Well, I was excited. I took James to the mall and we bought several things for him- he got his first pair of "real" shoes (!!!!), some baby house slippers, a winter coat, and matching snowpants. First the shoes. We went to Stride Rite (Grandma Rosie recommended, I think she took me there when I was a little girl?) and James was fitted for shoes- a size 5 wide according to them. The shoes are brown leather, casual but not sneakers, as they said. He seems to like them just fine. He likes the velcro sound.

Next we went to the Baby Gap and I looked at the chocolate brown winter coats that I had admired last week. They had his size and matching snowpants so I decided to get them, knowing that they have a 90 day return policy. I *think* I got the right sizes (the 12-18 mo size coat is roomy, the snowpants I got 18-24 month size because the smaller size fit him just right and I wanted them to be a bit bigger). I hope I did okay. I doubted my purchases but knowing that I can return them if they don't work out makes me feel better. A similar coat is on the Baby Gap website, but ours doesn't have the fur trimmed hood.

I'm wondering what to do with a winter baby though. He isn't supposed to have a winter coat on in the car because of the carseat (the puffy coats interfere with safety)... so I think he wears a coat before/after the carseat. I guess we need to warm up the car and have a lap blanket for him?

After the mall, James had his afternoon nap and then I left to go run errands with my friend Anna. James and Jim went to Grandma Laura's for a quick visit.

We had yummy leftovers for dinner (the apple tart was just as good as the night before, warmed in the oven) and a quiet night afterwards.

Its a busy work week for me! I hope James is doing well at daycare today. He had some poop issues yesterday. I'm sure he'll love to read this years from now :)

I think James looks like Grandma Rosie in this picture.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't you love...?

a beautiful fall day at an apple orchard? Please see the September photo album for our orchard pictures.

It was a beautiful day to go to the apple orchard for apples, apple treats, and a short walk through the orchard. James was especially cute in his "Elmer Fudd" hat, bundled up for the cool fall day.

We came home with two bags of apples. We knew that Tia Ana was going to make a special apple tart for our dinner that night and we also wanted extras. Tia Ana and Tio Rich came over for a visit and brought a great dinner- Tio grilled a pork tenderloin (it was very "m", ahem, moist), Tia Ana made her special smashed red potatoes with chives, and we also had grilled zucchini, red onions, and bell peppers. OMG. It was good! James could not get enough of the pork. I think he had at least half of what I ate myself. He is a growing boy after all! He also loved the potatoes and had a bit of zucchini. We were amazed by how much he was able to put away :)

After James went to bed, Ana made the apple tart. It was pretty easy to make, she said, but it had some involved steps. The apples needed to be carmelized on the stovetop with sugar and butter, baked for half an hour in the same pan, and then a pie crust was added to the top for an additional fifteen minutes. She then inverted the apple tart on to a plate and it was so pretty! OMG good too! We were sorry James went to bed and couldn't have apple tart but luckily there are leftovers though I doubt he'll get them (not when Jim and I can polish it off!)

My favorite thing that James is doing right now is still playing in his kitchen cupboard. He gets very involved in taking everything out of the cupboard, chewing on them, or scooting the items around on the floor. He will take a tupperware lid and push it around the kitchen floor (kind of like you would a toy car). I have tried giving him a toy car to see if that would be more fun for him, but it doesn't seem to be. He prefers remote controls, tupperware lids, and "the claw". Oh, and right now he has a small yellow jingle ball that he likes to push around on the floor. Its great fun!

JAMES is fun! Today (Sunday) we're going to the mall after he wakes up from his nap. We will buy his first pair of REAL shoes. He had a pair of Robeez from his Tia Kristina- they were the cutest shoes with penguins :) but now we'll buy him a big boy pair of shoes that will actually be functional and not just decorative! A lot of people have suggested Stride Rite so we will go for a shoe fitting and hopefully he will have a great pair of walking shoes :)

James is awake! I hear him stirring through the baby monitor. I may update later today if we end up getting those shoes so check back?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

James- big boy or little?

Just when I think James is such a big boy, something happens and I realize he's really still a little boy. I finished his nightly bath and decided to put him in his new footed pajamas because its going to be cold tonight. The pjs reminded me of his little baby pjs and he looked very little sitting up in the crib and looking up at me. I felt sad leaving him in the semidark room, alone. He fell asleep really quickly tonight so no worries.

Sorry, no pictures of the pjs because I didn't want to blind a sleepy James with the camera flash!

Daycare is still going well. I was told he ate really well and they played outside. I'm glad they are active and the day is full. Pretty soon they'll be playing out in the snow!

I spoke with Grandpa Frank last night and he and Julie are definitely coming out in January! I'll be so happy to see them together with James.

Up for this weekend: On Saturday we're hoping to visit the apple orchard for a lovely fall day :) And on Saturday night Tia Ana and Tio Rich are coming to visit. Yay! And on Sunday we'll hang out and possibly go to the Lakes' Old Fashioned Day. Our development is having a family day- we won't be able to participate in much because James is too little, but we may go to meet other people. We'll see!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

10 months!

James is a wonderful, happy baby at 10 months. We're so lucky!

Jim and James shared their first Vikings game of the season. Its amazing the difference in pictures from last year and then this year. James is a different little boy! He was so fragile and thin in Jim's arms, now he's a squirmy chunk! He looked so grown up in his Vikings jersey.

Today he thrilled us with clapping his hands at our prompts and waving goodnight to his Daddy. Its like every day there's something new or something to make us proud :)

His favorite thing to do today was open and close a kitchen cabinet repeatedly. I finally filled the cabinet with baby friendly things- tupperware lids, plastic ice trays, measuring spoons, etc. No need for toys when you have such fun things! He was content to open and close the cabinet door, take out items, and then I'd put them back. Repeat. Repeat. Fun stuff! James may want to be a chef one day with all the kitchen time he's accumulating :)

So I was a couple of days late with the Brownie teddy bear pictures. On the 6th the day was very long and James wasn't in the right mood for pictures. I then held off until the weekend. Finally today it was a good day but then James didn't have ANY interest in Brownie the Bear. Oh well. I did get some cute bathtime pictures if you'd like to look at yesterday's journal entry, video clips, and then the pictures in the Baby Album "September".

Enjoy the pictures and video! Please sign our guestbook too!

Lisa, Jim and James

(In other news- welcome to MN, Baby Esme! The Bakkos are back in the U.S. with their beautiful baby girl! We can't wait to meet her :)

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Poor James. He has naked baby pictures now!

It was a pretty good day. I wondered how James would do after a full week of daycare, especially with a couple of naptime changes. Sandra has been giving James only one nap, usually from 12-3pm. He's been a bit crabby at night so I decided to keep him on his normal schedule today to see if it was because of the napping switch. Well, we found out that he still is a little crabby at night even with the normal two naps. He drooled an awful lot today so maybe he has another tooth coming in? That might explalin crabbiness. I tried to feel inside his mouth but James doesn't like that so I wasn't able to determine anything.

Well, 10 month pictures are definitely happening tomorrow. We waited because I really wanted to do outdoor pictures but the sun didn't cooperate today. Maybe tomorrow? And anyway its football tomorrow! There is a new Vikings jersey for James to wear so that might be the perfect outfit for 10 month pictures :)

Check back soon!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

10 months and Yay!

When I picked up James today from daycare, he waved at me! Sandra came to the door with James in her arms, he saw me, and when I smiled and spoke to him he waved! He waved to Sandra (kind of) as we left the house too.

I was a happy Mama to see my son wave hello! And a proud Mama because we ran an errand and the people at the store were seriously gushing about how beautiful James is. This happens a lot and I'm just so proud that he's a good, beautiful little boy!

Can you believe that I did not take pictures today to celebrate James' 10 month birthday? I did not forget. I wanted to take them tomorrow when Jim is home. He is at pool tonight and I wanted him to be home to take a few pictures of James and I, and then to be in a couple of pictures with James too. It will be the first month that I didn't do it on the exact day (the 6th) but I think it will be okay!

Check back tomorrow night if you'd like!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

James started a new thing today. He was making this weird, throaty sound- it reminded me of speaking another language- German perhaps? Anyway, I would imitate him and it cracked him up. We started doing the sound back and forth today with always the same results- James laughing. (video below)

After his (short) morning nap I took James to Kmart for their big baby sale. James will probably need some fall/winter clothing and I was a little obsessed with the idea of finding clothes TODAY. I did find some long sleeved onesies with cute sayings, some corduroy pants, and some sweat/athletic pants. Oh, and a coat. I'm still on the lookout for snowpants (needed for outside play and daycare) but its going to be tough. I found that clothes shopping for James is hard. The sizes are all over the place and I needed to look at the suggested height and weight on the tags.

Just thinking about fall/winter is getting me so excited for Halloween, apple orchards, and winter fun (snowman building, sledding, etc.) I'm not an outdoorsy person but I'm looking forward to a hopefully mild winter where James can get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Oh, another thing I purchased today was a Walk n Ride toy for James. He's not showing too much interest in walking solo besides pulling up on furniture and cruising around in that way. I figured a walking toy would be nice to get him moving around the house in a different way. The toy also converts to a mini car that he'll be able to ride on. He also seemed to like this! (video below)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Zoo

We had a wonderful day at the zoo. James napped on the way over to the zoo and then on the way home. It worked out perfectly and he was a well behaved, happy baby. He took a bit more interest in the animals, especially those that moved and caught his visual interest (like the chickens).

James had a new experience today- ice cream! (I'll download the video soon.) I think he liked it :)

It was just a really positive, wonderful family day. I know that next summer will be really great for us too- James will really be interested in the animals and running around wild!

Please see the September album for all of our pictures and the Chickens and then the Ice cream videos below!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Grandma Rosie

Grandma Rosie was here on Thursday to be with James while we had to work. I know both James and Grandma enjoyed the solo time together. Grandma, I'm sure, spoiled him rotten! Imagine my surprise at 11am to receive a text message from Grandma Rosie with a picture of James! (I didn't know she could text!) I was honored with several more pictures in the next hour as Grandma Rosie and James went for a walk and to the park.

On Thursday night we had a quiet night since Jim and Larry both went to a fantasy football draft. We took James out to eat at Green Mill, where he ordered his first big boy meal of grilled cheese sandwich, fruit, and applesauce. He did very well despite the mess beneath his highchair!

Friday I stayed home so it was just me and James until Jim called to say he was coming home early. It was a lovely surprise, though he went right to work with power washing the deck.

Today, Saturday, we went to the grocery store after James' morning nap. He woke up early so I decided we would do a quick run before lunch. He was a wonderful, perfect behaved baby! Gone are the days that he won't tolerate the grocery cart :)

Tomorrow we have plans to go to the zoo again. We want to do something fun and different. The Minnesota Trails are now open and I think the weather will be nice and not too hot so we can see some of the outdoor displays. I'm very excited to share the zoo with James again :)

Check back on Monday for pictures (tomorrow night I'll be busy).