Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a poop!

If you look down below I posted twice already about today's potty adventures. I have to say that I was pretty pleased with how well James is doing with his potty training. We had a couple of accidents but it happens.

He really likes to stand and pee, so that's our magic. Aiming at Cheerios helps too :) Also, I time it just right and have him pee before he wants something. Go play outside? Let's pee first. Watch his Star Wars show? Let's pee first. Want to help me water my plants? Let's pee first. Want to have movie night and popcorn? Let's pee first!

So we had the zillionth showing of a Star Wars related show/movie. James brought down his blaster (orange water gun), a lightsaber, and then he wanted to wear Jim's helmet.

Playground Poop

Thursday was a beautiful day and so we walked to the playground/beach. James likes the stroller so we were able to walk quickly and get to playing! He likes the dock and the water, so Jim took him out to see the fish.

I saw James pulling at his behind. A sure sign that he was about to poop!

We were lucky that the outdoor bathrooms were unlocked and that James was willing to poop somewhere other than home. It was comical because when I looked down his pull-up to see if he had already pooped, he started to frantically tell me, "Hurry Mommy! It's coming out! It's coming out!" I held his hand and we ran to the bathroom! I quickly pulled him into a stall, yanked down his pants, and plopped him down on the toilet. He had a tiny little poop and we were thrilled! He stood to pee too!

James tested the acoustics in the bathroom :)

It was a wonderful sunny day! James held my hand as we walked home and life was good.

What's James doing NOW?

He is feeling better after an outfit change. Without a pull-up he felt "yucky" after he peed and it went down his legs and in his socks. I hope this shows him he needs to visit the potty instead :)

We've gone every 30 or so minutes and STILL an accident?! Oh well. We are doing great!

What's James doing now??

Potty training in full force!
He is wearing Star Wars underwear only and taking potty breaks every half an hour! It is exhausting for me but so worth it every time he is successful and "takes a bow"! (Daycare must have taught him to take a bow to congratulate himself at the potty. It was so cute when we realized what he was doing!)
James has peed successfully every half an hour for the last three times!
I put him in the underwear right away this morning, with a pull up diaper over the underwear, and he peed once in the underwear. I put a 2nd pair of underwear on him and he did pee in the toilet once but the next time I checked on him he had already pooped in the underwear. We are on the third pair of underwear, without a pull-up like a big boy, and they have stayed dry for two hours!
I will have to come back tonight and blog about our other adventures- there is more to tell!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19

Bye poop!! (1st at home). Potty training success!!

I noticed James straining and I asked, "Are you pooping?" He told me no. I asked if I could check his pull-up and he said, "No!!" I knew that was a sure sign that he was pooping or about to. TMI but I could see a poop coming out. So we rushed to the potty. And soon after, PLOP! A poop!

It was his first successful poop at home. We made a big to do and he got the promised Star Wars toy for his poop.

And then during bath time he asked to pee on the potty. I pulled him out of the bath and let him stand at the toilet. He peed! Like a big boy :)

April 18

Lightsaber battles! Fight!

Fun Day

April 17
How to Train Your Dragon
We took James to see this movie. We read reviews and decided that it probably wasn't too violent or scary for him, considering he likes shows like Star Wars. He did well for the movie. There were a few parts that were somewhat scary but he climbed on my lap and did well. Yay! We made it through another movie!

Afterwards James was excited to see a blaster on a video game. It took some convincing to get him to put it down. Boys!

We hit a playground later that day.

Fun day!


April 15
Jim was out of town and so I wanted to occupy James with something fun. James kept telling me that he didn't want to go outside but I packed up a picnic dinner and some toys in the wagon. I planned on walking to the beach/playground but we ran into Ali outside. James was excited to play so I set up the blanket on the front lawn and gave in. I was just happy to get outside!

Daycare Teacher Appreciation Day

I made sugar cookies for James' teachers when it was suggested that we bring flowers for the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day. I thought I'd bring flower cookies to be different.

James helped me to decorate with dots and splatters. I thought it would be more fun for him but he was tired of it pretty quickly.

I found an old card from two years ago and called it a gift.

I didn't hear any feedback from the teachers. I hope they ate them.

April 12

Ali is my friend!

April 11th

I'm so thankful that James loves his books! We read these books when playing in his room.

Later, outside. James tries out his golf net! He rediscovered it after it was put away for far too long.

Ugh. I hate that he loves to play with guns. We try and call them "blasters" to make it better.

The neighbor boys were playing outside too and eventually Ali and James noticed each other. Ali is NOT shy. He came over and grabbed a blaster and they started to chase and giggle. I love that James has a new friend! Ali is just a few weeks older than James.

Ali discovers that James has other toys...

Ooooh, what's that? James teaches Ali how to golf.

Ali was not good at all. It was really clear that James has natural ability!

Soon they found something new to do. Ali is running down the hill and James is rolling behind him. It was great fun for about 5 minutes. I guess their attention spans are pretty short.


There was so much hype about the Circus before we went. It was in a book, on Dora the Explorer, and I think there was mention of it at "school". James was certainly very excited to go. The excitement lasted for the arrival..

The purchase of the lightsaber...

The viewing of the elephants (wow!)...

The view from our seats...

And Daddy explaining what the Circus will be...

The eating of the popcorn...

Watching the Shriners dance...

Looking at all the other light toys...

Watching the acrobats...

Too soon it became old, boring. James started to say over and over, "I'm done with this. I'm done, I'm done, I'm done." We didn't even make it to intermission and then we made the decision to leave. Jim tried to convince James that more exciting circus acts were coming up.

Look! A bear riding a bike!

So we left. James was in such a foul mood that we didn't even try and go out to lunch. We went home and all went back to normal.
We were glad that we tried the Circus. Honestly, I think the actual circus acts are for grown-ups. All of the kids that I saw were busy playing with each other, enjoying their light toys, or eating sweets. James may have lasted longer if he had another kid to play/watch with.
The new lightsaber was cool though!

James likes to play with his Daddy on the laptop. There are some kid-friendly games on

I am surrounded by Star Wars toys!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 9

Mental note to self: Don't get behind on blogging anymore! I'm sure I'm missing lots of great little stories about James. I'm only able to comment on the pictures from each day, and not necessarily remember the details. Oh well, every day is special and I think every one knows that!

On this day I took a group of students to the U of MN for a campus tour and presentation about why they should go to college. My students took the day pretty seriously- or at least they were well behaved- but students from the other schools really were obnoxious and distracting. I wonder if I can say that my students were respectful of ME and that's why they were good. They certainly are capable of goofing off :) but I'm thankful they didn't choose this day to do it.

The man in the front, in the maroon, is my buddy Tex. He leads the Kids on Campus program and we've toured with him for several years now. I'm hoping to organize another big fieldtrip in the fall (for about 400+ students!)

After a hard day I stopped and got take-out for the family. We had different tastes that day!

I love finding random pictures on my iphone. James plays his little iphone games and sometimes it takes screenshots and then later I find them in my photo album.

April 8

I'm backtracking through my pictures and finding the ones I'd like to comment on.

I think this was a 365 picture but I find it cute because it combines everything that I love most- James, Jim, and ice cream!

Umbrella artwork from daycare.

James- everyday!

It would be possible to blog every day about my little Sweet Baby Nene- especially because of my 365 project and the pictures I take every day. I just can't post that often. It takes some effort to sort through pictures and then be witty :)

On this day (4/07) James had an ice cream cone and had a chocolate moustache and goatee. Heh.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16

Parent Appreciation Day at daycare. James made us this card, the teacher wrote in his quote about why he loves us :)