Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a great visit with Tia Ana and Tio Rich on Saturday. James never played so hard! He had four people to play with, and he impressed all of us with his golf skills and tumbling (I'll have to capture this on video soon). I don't think I've seen James have a better day/night. He was wonderfully well behaved, busy, and happy to hug and kiss his Tia and Tio!

Mother's Day was a wonderful, relaxing day. I was given many beautiful flowers (outside and inside the house!) from James and his Dada. It makes me very happy to see the bright colors.

We had Grandma Laura, Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy over for dinner too to celebrate with Grandma Laura. She was very happy and surprised to see the pictures of James we had framed for her gift.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and Grandmas reading this!

Please see the Baby Album "18 month portraits" to see just a few of our surprise portraits. We waited until Mother's Day to tell our families that we had a photographer come to our house a couple of weeks ago. Jessica is great! She took James' pictures at 3 months too. A link to her website is included in the "My Favorite Links" area of this babysite. She took so many great pictures, it was hard to narrow down my top 10. I couldn't put all of them on this babysite due to storage space.

Tomorrow we are headed to the doctor for James' 18 month wellness check. I'm sure we will get a report from the doctor that he is indeed healthy in every way!

Enjoy the short videos below! James is a busy boy!

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