Monday, May 26, 2008


We had a scary afternoon. Jim was making dinner upstairs while James and I were playing downstairs in the basement. I wasn't watching TV or looking at the sky to know that it had suddenly become very black and windy. Jim came downstairs to tell me that there was a tornado in Coon Rapids and it was headed our way! Scary! It was just about dinner time so I knew James would be fussing for food. Jim stopped cooking dinner, turning off the burners/oven, and I scrambled to get some food together for James, while we waited it out in the basement. I grabbed some strawberries (messy), James' new veggie crackers, and some french fries that Jim had pulled out of the oven.

Jim also secured the deck furniture and the glass table. During the last storm we had the furniture blew away and it broke our table umbrella. Jim very smartly took the glass out of the table, turned the table upside down, and scooted the chairs against the house. (We later found the chairs had still blown up against the other side of the deck- strong wind!)

James was content to sit in the basement hallway (near the stairs, away from the windows), and eat his chips. We anxiously watched the news, hearing that the tornado touched down right by my school in Coon Rapids, and the storm was headed towards 242/Johnsville- which is on the other side of 65 from us! It was very scary hearing the wind but luckily it passed by us pretty quickly and we haven't seen any damage to our own house or others by us.

The storm went on to other areas, hitting Hugo. Those poor people there! Houses were destroyed, and a 2 year old was killed. I just can't imagine.

So James was a trooper. He was pretty good as long as he had food :) A little while later we did go upstairs and eat the dinner Jim had prepared (chicken parmesan sandwiches, with sauteed spinach, marinara, and mozzarella cheese, mmmm). It was a beautiful night afterwards. The sky was blue and bright, no sign of any storm just an hour earlier. James was a great baby, happily playing and was not crabby.

His Mama on the other hand... I'm still coughing and feeling somewhat miserable. I am just so tired of being sick! James will go to daycare like normal, I will go to work but if I don't have significant improvement I'm going to the doctor. A week of this hacking cough (worst in the middle of the night and morning) and grogginess is enough.

So we haven't done too much during this long holiday weekend. We didn't go anywhere fun (zoo), but James and Jim did get out every day for a long walk around the lake. I would stay home and enjoy the quiet.

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