Wednesday, May 14, 2008

18 month wellness appointment

ames is a healthy boy :) His ear infections have cleared up, he was happy and responsive to Dr. Kiel, and everything else checked out well. He's on track with his developmental skills too (stacking blocks, speaking 4-10 words, understanding simple directions, feeding himself with spoons/forks, imitating behavior).

His height is unchanged from his 15 month appointment. I *know* this is a mistake. James is obviously longer and heavier! The doctor seemed to think that maybe he wasn't measured accurately the last time. She said that at the 2 YEAR wellness check, if he doesn't have noticeable growth, THEN she would be worried. Right now he's in about the 60th percentile for weight/height.

We discussed his eating habits and were reassured that its all pretty normal. If we can get one "good" meal in him a day, that would be enough. He will have days where he refuses food and that's okay. We do need to cut out the snacking that we allow him to do. Each night when James whines for food, we had been giving him small amount of Cheerios. That will stop.

The not so nice part of the appointment yesterday was that James received his MMR shots- two shots in each of his chubby thighs. He screamed for only a few seconds at a time, and was comforted right away when I held him, but it was painful for us to watch. Even worse is seeing the sight of your own child's blood :( After that we had to head to the clinic's lab to get James' blood drawn (finger prick) for lead testing and hemoglobin. He cried a little at that but was immediately distracted with a puppy sticker.

James went to daycare later that morning and when I called at noon he was doing just fine. No crabbiness, no fever, nothing. He's a tough little kid :)

James was especially cute and affectionate last night. His Dada went to his usual Tuesday pool league night, so James and I played in the basement (away from food temptations). He insisted on sitting on my lap a lot and I was glad to hug and kiss him mucho.

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