Tuesday, May 6, 2008

18 months!

I think we all should celebrate our half birthdays. We didn't do anything special for James today but we did wish him a happy half birthday this morning :) I don't try to pose him for pictures every month, and not even today. I tried to snap a few pictures as he played but he just doesn't sit still :)

James is still recovering from his ear infections and virus. He's still a bit crabby at times, throwing the not-so-fun tantrums, and refusing some foods by throwing them to the side. Tonight all he wanted was strawberries at dinner. And then constant snacking on cheerios before bedtime. We will keep trying other foods, of course.

Favorite food at 18 months: strawberries

Favorite toy: Plastic golf club & ball

Favorite book: Hola Jalapeno!

Favorite person: Dada

Favorite color: Orange? (he likes the orange Legos only)

Favorite TV show: Calliou on the Sprout channel (we're trying to cut down on TV)

Favorite routine: Washing hands & brushing teeth

Favorite word: No (not defiant, but a sweet sounding "Noooooo....")

Favorite comfort item: his Blankie

Favorite place, besides home: Sandra's Daycare :)

Daycare is fabulous. After James' illness, I knew he would be okay at daycare, its his favorite place to be. I knew it would cheer him up to be around the other kids, I think he misses them during the weekend. I love that Sandra updates me everyday on what James did during the day- the funny, the poops, the food he ate, anything and everything. We are still amazed at our good luck in finding Sandra.

Weekend plans: Tia Ana and Tio Rich are coming over on Saturday! We had to cancel last weekend because James was sick. Mother's Day is a mystery to me. We haven't made any plans yet.

Our most exciting plans are that we are headed to San Diego in June! We will visit Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie, and James will meet his Great Grandparents. We're also looking forward to visiting the San Diego zoo, Legoland, and hitting the beach/water. Please wish us luck taking James on a plane for the first time. I am pretty nervous about this but I plan on being very, very prepared with distracting new toys and food.

Please see the rest of our babysite. There are lots of past journal entries and short videos in those journal entries. Enjoy!

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