Thursday, May 22, 2008

EI #4, Day 2

Update, Friday morning: We're staying home again today. I'm still coughing up some nasty $#*! and James woke up a bit crabby and with a strange swollen eye. We're supposed to call the doctor if James isn't feeling better by this afternoon. He's happily eating oatmeal and smiling occasionally, its me that's the most miserable.

Thursday's entry:

Day #2 was okay. I actually thought James was on the mend and going to be okay... until 4pm. He started crying and just wanted to be held. I did this but I had already started dinner so I did have to put him down every few minutes to keep cooking. James did not like this. I didn't enjoy it either.

Dinner. James only wanted fresh pineapple. He wouldn't eat anything else.

James cried while I did the dishes and Jim tried to play with him. He relaxed once he laid on his Dada's chest. Dozed. We woke him up to give him his bedtime medicine and change him to his pajamas.

So far James is sleeping peacefully.

I'm so sad that James isn't feeling well again. I thought the worst was over. He's such a good little boy- we want our happy baby back!!

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