Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ear infection #4

More ear infections for Baby James. I stayed home sick today after suddenly becoming sick last night- I was shivering, horrible sore throat, bad headache. So I'm lying in bed today, miserable, and Sandra called at 11am. James was at daycare and he had a fever. His cheeks and ears were a bit red so she was going to give him some Tylenol and put him down for his nap. She was going to keep me updated.

I got on the phone with Jim and then the doctor, we made an appointment for 2:40, thinking that if it was an ear infection again we needed it addressed ASAP. So yeah, double ear infections. The doctor thought they looked particularly painful so she gave Jim the prescription for a higher dose antibiotic and gave him a prescription for ear drops that would give instant relief.

James actually seemed okay tonight. He ate well enough and was pretty content to sit with me, watching TV. He's usually pretty independent but tonight he sat close to me, reclining on my leg.

Well, wish us luck that tomorrow is a better day- both for me and for James. I'm assuming we're both staying home tomorrow since I'm still sick and James needs time to recover.

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