Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday before a long weekend

It was a bit better today. James was a little crabby. Who am I kidding? He was a lot crabby. He did not nap well, waking up after only 50 minutes. I brought him downstairs and no matter what I did, he still cried. I cried. Really. James was very sweet and stopped crying to look at me. He stared at my face and was very curious.

I was just really overwhelmed by his noise and my frustration because I couldn't stop coughing. Also, I thought I had at least another hour of alone time before he woke up and I didn't get much time to relax besides the shower I took.

Jim was checking in on me often and was willing to come home early but I was fine. I just chalked up my frustration to one of those motherhood moments. I think all mothers feel frustrated and helpless at some point. (Honestly this wasn't my first time!)
James was very sweet again while playing with crayons, soon after the crying :) And then again with his Dada. See our videos below!

Weekend plans: Breakfast out tomorrow? Stopping by Tia Ana and Tio Rich's house. Not much else! Oh, we need to try out our Wii Fit!

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