Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Sickness

9pm update: Video added below.

James amazed us by sleeping through the night. And not only that but he slept 12 1/2 hours! Its a new record. I think he may have slept more if I hadn't gone in to check on him, worried about his breathing. He had never slept that long and I was worried needlessly.

I was also surprised that he did NOT have a raging temperature, which has been the norm every other time he's had an ear infection. He was still warm, and obviously sick, but not desperately clingy or crying. The constant runny nose, the horrible cough, red puffy eyes, no appetite, and occasional crying/whimpering- all this made us call Tia Ana and Tio Rich to cancel our visit for today. We were disappointed but I didn't want Tia and Tio to get sick and we weren't sure what the day/night would bring us. Also, if it was the same virus that I had (before James), it wasn't pleasant!

Everything today was to make James happy and feel better. He was allowed to watch as much TV as he liked, I didn't push meat or vegies on him at lunchtime, Dada brought home the best present to cheer him up (a kid's golf club and ball!), and we held him and loved him as much as we could.

I felt better about the TV after I realized that our cable system has kids' shows "On Demand". Brainybaby, Baby Genius, and lots of other educational snippets. Today we watched a 13 minute show teaching Toddlers/Kids how to golf! And another show was about underwater creatures. Some of the shows had classical music in the background that this Mama approved of :) So how handy that we can watch those shows whenever we want!

Come back later to view the "Golfing" video I took of James. I won't have time to upload it to onetruemedia before James wakes up from his nap. I spent a lot of his nap time in the shower. I was desperate to get the inevitable baby drool and snot off me! We have gone through many tissues yesterday and today but we think James has used Mama and Dada to wipe too!

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