Thursday, November 29, 2007

When Dada is away...

Mama and James play with the camera! Jim was at pool tonight, James and I were having a quiet evening and I realized I hadn't taken pictures in a while. Its so difficult lately getting James to sit still for pictures, which is a big reason I don't take as many.

These pictures were the best I could do tonight. We had fun regardless :) He was a very good baby, ate well and played quietly while I did dishes and other things.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bum troubles

Poor Baby James! His little bottom is red and raw :( This has happened before, where he gets a diaper rash that flares up pretty badly and then it goes away within a few days. I got to daycare today and Sandra told me that it was bad, that its only in one little spot but he had bled a little. My heart just about broke! And then again when I changed his diaper at home and saw it for myself. We cuddled James a little extra tonight and were very gentle with him. He will be fine but I don't know why this happens.

I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow! A teacher friend is coming to the school for a baby shower, she had the baby last month and is still on her leave. This is what they did for me at the school too, for my shower. I found the Blankie book at Target and bought a little blanket, and other things for her gift. I'm just excited to see a baby and remember how little James was at one month.

Monday, November 26, 2007

First Kiss

Okay, the first kiss happened a while ago and I guess I didn't really write about it. But today, when I dropped James off at daycare, he kissed the same girl and in the cutest way. I was talking to Sandra in the doorway and she put James down to play with the other kids. He immediately crawled over to the kids, looked at the little girl Reagan and leaned in for a kiss. She leaned in too and let James kiss her. She's about 3 so she's talking. She made a big deal of the "wet kiss" and how James likes her. Sandra says that she's very attentive to James and will give him his Blankie whenever he looks unhappy or starts to cry.

Also, James received a lot of attention at the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday. We were sitting at lunch and at the next table was a family, with a couple of girls who kept ooohing and ahhhing over James and his beautiful brown eyes. He kept turning in his highchair to look at them, doing the cutest things like clapping and babbling. They were in love with him and stopped to chat after their lunch. I'm glad they didn't try to steal James from us!

James is too cute!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mall Santas suck

We tried to visit Santa today at Rosedale mall, and he was there, but the CD burner wasn't working so we couldn't buy the picture CD. So we did not bother. We are hoping to visit Santa at another location, especially since Jim is now bitter towards the Rosedale Santa. Ha. Ho.

James was especially handsome today in his new sweater, cords, and brown shoes. Its too bad that Santa's elves couldn't figure out the CD/picture burner.

We also stopped at Babies R Us for more babyproofing supplies. James is into every drawer and cabinet he can reach. Jim bought a fancy new system that uses magnets, so he doesn't have to drill holes in the cabinets. Hope they work!

Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful. Grandma Laura and Grandpa Roger came over for turkey and other goodies. James didn't realize it was a special meal- he didn't want to eat the homemade green bean casserole, the turkey, or the pumpkin cheesecake. He liked Stove Top, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes (so-so), and cranberries (so-so).

Its been cold enough that we brought out James' winter coat. He seems to like it okay, though its big and poofy. I think its pretty warm for him. James does not seem to mind the cold! He actually perks up a bit when we're rushing between stores or the house, and he smiles. I think he's going to like winter :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Steps

James was a bit crabby all weekend, but nothing we couldn't handle. I think all three of us have the same cold. I think James passed his cold to us through his wet, open-mouthed kisses. I can't get enough of his "besos"- he's very cute, even when he's coming at you with his mouth open, and you're not sure if he's going to peck you or bite you!

See the video below for our walking practice. James is getting quite good. I think he lacks the confidence to walk on his own, without prompts. He hasn't figured out how to pull himself to standing unless he has furniture in front of him. I love that he gets this intense, excited look on his face as he realizes he's walking!

Thanksgiving is coming up. We are having a quiet day with just Grandma Laura and Grandpa Roger. Joe and Kathy were going to come, but their plans changed. More food for us! I think James is going to love turkey, cranberries, grean bean casserole, and pumpkin cheesecake!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

James on the loose

See below for what happens when I turn my back. I was at the bathroom mirror putting on make up, I turn around and see James doing this! Haha.

James and I went shopping today. We ended up returning the Baby Gap winter coat and snowpants :( Grandma Rosie gave us a much better snowsuit- probably more practical too. For daycare, I would guess that Sandra would prefer a one piece. The two pieces were terribly hard to get on James, and he literally could not move! So we took the set back to Baby Gap, where they told me that they will have NO problem reselling it. They are selling like hotcakes or something. For everyday use, I found a winter jacket at Macy's for $14.99! They were having a huge sale and I had a 20% off coupon too, so the jacket was even less! Bargain! We also found winter boots at Stride Rite. Yay :)

James flirted with all of the sales people and women in lines. One lady gushed about his beautiful eyes. James enjoyed the attention, but even more he liked looking at himself in the mirror whenever we passed one. He knows he's cute!

Jim has been sick all week. James too. They both have runny noses and coughs, just slight though. I've been sniffly too but I didn't have time to be sick! I had a lot going on at work and I had two nights out (one was a beading class and last night I had a girls night- movies, food, friends).

James did very well for his Dada on Wednesday night. Last night he was a little fussy, this morning too. We think he's teething- there is lots of drool too.

James showed off a new word for me today. Jim practiced "tickle-tickle-tickle" with James and he repeats it! He makes the tttttick sound. With me, he has been practicing "Uh oh!" He even mimics the tone I use. He's a genius baby :)

James loves his little cars from Tia Ana and Uncle Tio. The cool thing is that they also work in the parking garage from Grandma Laura. James hasn't quite figured out that the cars zoom down the ramp, but he will. For now, he is happy to pull up on the parking garage, grab a car, and then scoot across the room with it. He once mimicked me making the "bbbbbbbb" car sound as he pushed it across the carpet. Cute! It was such a little boy sound :)

James is amazing! I had a chance to brag about him to my friend Elizabeth last night. She was eager to hear all the details, since she hasn't seen him since early June, when she helped to care for him. Her little man is two years old plus and she's expecting! She said James inspired their family- that they could handle a second baby :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We love James! He is a sweet baby :)

Poor James has a cold. Since Sunday he's been on the snotty side (yuck!), and he was very crabby on Monday night. We checked his temperature and he was fine. He was just not a happy boy though. A little bit of Baby Motrin and he was okay.

I updated his growthchart to include his weight and height measurements. It seems like he went down but the doctor said that last time was an informal visit and he was weighed with his clothes and shoes. I guess that's correct, so really he didn't lose weight but has stayed the same for the last month or so. Normal. He is at the 60th percentile for both weight and height.

James is doing well enough with his whole milk/formula bottles. He still doesn't care for whole milk on its own- I give him a sippy cup with just milk at meals and he doesn't ever drink it. I even bought some drinkable Yobaby yogurt, but he doesn't touch that either unless he's reclined on the Boppy. I guess the problem could be (with the whole milk) that he can't tip the cup far enough to get the milk.

Well, there's not much to update! James is a great baby and just really happy :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Birthday party

We had our 1st birthday party on Saturday for James. It was a wonderful day! Please see our photos for all of the little details- the train cake, the balloons, the cute baby :)

We showed our One Year montage DVD (17 minutes of James' picture and video highlights!) and then we had lunch. Jim made his great Wild Rice and Chicken soup (stoup) in sourdough breadbowls. Yum. James had his birthday cake immediately following lunch and it was so fun! Our little boy took the piece of cake and took enthusiastic bites. He ended up crumbling the cake and of course getting frosting on his face. Classic baby :) (See the short video below)

Our families were very generous and James has many new toys, clothes, and books. James even has his own pool cue from his Dada! I'm not sure when the boys will be able to play pool together, but I know Jim is anxious :)

Like I said, it was a wonderful day. We can't believe our little baby is ONE already! We love him very much!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear Grandma Rosie

Hi Grandma Rosie! This is James writing. I'm very excited you're coming today. I can practice my words with you. And you can play with me tonight while my Mama and Dada go on a date (what's that?)

See you later!



(Mama speaking)

James had a doctor's appointment yesterday. He is a healthy little boy! He did not gain any weight (I forget the exact measurements, I'll update with them later today) but he is healthy as can be! The doctor gave the go ahead for whole milk, eggs, turning the car seat forward (yay!), and everything else that goes along with being a ONE year old!

I am only working half a day (I got the okay from my supervisor) and will be picking James up at 11:30, just in time for his nap at home. Hopefully while he naps I can straighten up the house before Grandma Rosie comes over with the white glove test. Ha!

We are so excited to see our families this weekend! We will be missing Tia Kristina, Tio Gilbert, Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie though. Hopefully we can see them soon!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sweet Baby James

Well, we are gearing up for the big birthday party! We are having our immediate family over for a birthday lunch on Saturday. We aren't going over the top with anything- no ponies, no clowns, no tents. Haha. I think James will just be happy to have his adoring Grandmas, Grandpas, Tia, Tio, Aunt Kathy, and Uncle Joe around him. I mean, that's already 10 adults including Mama and Dada. A full, happy house :)

I still have not figured out the birthday cake thing. Our original plan of train cakes has not become reality yet. I have one last experiment tonight and then its on to Plan B: cupcakes! I almost wonder if James would enjoy a frosted chocolate cupcake more? We shall see!

I thought about taking Friday off but I'm not sure how that will work out. My supervisor is being a grump so I'm not sure if I dare ask for the day off. I really should save my sick/personal days anyway. It sure would be nice to be at home with James!

I think James really enjoyed his birthday at daycare. The other kids went NUTS with excitement. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sandra had a gift for James! She waited until the end of the day to give it to him. I got to daycare that afternoon and the kids screamed with joy- they had been waiting for me so that James could open his gift. So they took my hands and dragged me to the living room :) Sandra took our picture with James, the other kids, and the gift. It was a Fisher Price toolbench (small sized). James loves to hit the buttons with the little hammer and watch them light up and sing.

We also gave James a present from Mama and Dada- its a Fisher Price Amazing Animals Train. He seems to like it okay. It also lights up and sings, and James like to push the smokestack to activate it. It also moves forward. James likes to crawl behind it and follow. He hasn't really caught on that he can play with the animals too, but he will :)

Dada is saving his special present for James for Saturday!

James is a wonderful baby!

Check back later for an update after James' doctor appointment today! We are so curious to see how big our little boy is!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Genius baby

Yes, James is a genius baby. He has figured out how to steer his walker now! He used to walk the thing right up against the wall and then get frustrated. He now scoots the walker (or whatever he's pushing) to the side and can navigate around the kitchen island or through the hallway with no problems!

He is pushing the dining room chairs, his Lego tub, the walker of course, and anything else he can get his hands on. He is so happy to be moving around.

He was babbling like crazy today too. It almost sounds like Chinese sometimes!

The video below is from the Mexican restaurant this weekend. James had his own quesadilla... and french fries. I don't know why they served french fries because they're not Mexican. I didn't give him many, but he tried a couple and did okay with them. I don't want to make fast food a habit for him even though he already had McDonald's at daycare. (Insert shocked reactions here.) They went to the Playland one day, unexpectedly, and James tried some chicken nuggets and fries.


Friday, November 2, 2007

Good boy

James really is a good boy. Jim had pool last night so it was just James and myself. We ran some errands before going home, and then he played quietly while I made us our dinner. James loves spaghetti and chicken, so I decided to combine the both. We had the same dinner, but James' was cut into baby-sized pieces :) He was a great eater!

After dinner we played until bedtime. The time passed so fast! James was very talkative so I practiced Mama, Dada, Good Boy, and other sounds. He's doing very well! Sometimes he will repeat sounds back, but usually he will babble whatever he likes. Please see the video below for my attempts to get him to say "Good Boy". He is still trying to say Good Girl after learning that at daycare. The other fun video is James having a great time with making funny noises with his hand and mouth. It was fun!

We missed Dada, but we made the most out of a quiet evening at home.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Baby Yoda

James was Baby Yoda for Halloween! He was the cutest!

I wasn't very enthusiastic about Halloween this year but I made myself make the effort for James' sake- his first Halloween! I think I was upset that we couldn't go drop in on any of MY family because they don't live close by :( I guess I was feeling some family blues!

But Grandma Laura and Uncle Joe/Aunt Kathy were very excited to receive James for Halloween. We only stayed a few minutes at Laura's, but Joe/Kathy included James in their candy hand-out so we ended up staying longer and missing James' usual bottle/bedtime by 15 minutes. James was fine :) He was happy to explore a new house (we hadn't been there in awhile) and to see other kids dressed up too.

Sandra told me that at daycare James was talking up a storm! She was telling one of the little girls that she was a "Good Girl" and James shocked them all by repeating that! So Sandra worked on that with James, and he repeated it when I got there to pick him up too! I think "Good" is definitely his first word- we think he's been saying "Good-Bah", or goodbye, for a while now. Jim also swears that James said "High Five" the other day. We have a genius baby! I think he's going to shock me by just talking all of a sudden.

James was quite the talker this morning- babbling and trying to get our attention constantly. Jim and I were proud parents this morning, as we ate our breakfast and watched James play. He is the best baby ever!!