Tuesday, March 4, 2008


James and I had a great time tonight. He was very good while I baked cupcakes (student party tomorrow) and ate well for dinner. After dinner I captured the video below. Please ignore my singing. I did this for ya'll cuz James is the cutest when he "sings" along.

Note to self: Please don't name any other future children a name that will be ridiculed or laughed at. I have a student that is starting at my school by the name of Shaquille-Oneal. That is his whole FIRST name. All of the adults in the office chuckled, including me. I hope this kid goes by Shaq or Neal or something. I wonder how much grief he's gotten from others his whole life? How awful for a parent to do that to their child. Jim and I once joked that we would name a child Eiffel, but we were never serious! Eiffel Tauer. That would be mean.

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