Friday, March 21, 2008

End of Spring Break

Its our last weekday of spring break and I kind of regret not doing more, BUT it was very relaxing just hanging out at home with James for most days. We did get out today to meet my friend Jolene, to pick up girl scout cookies from her daughter (she is nine!!) and to have lunch. We met at Northtown so James had a chance to play at Bacon and Eggs again- he loves it!

I also hit the sale racks at Baby Gap :) James now has a dressy/cute shirt for Easter, a pair of athletic pants, and a new windbreaker in navy and white. I've been buying up a size in clothing, I hope they fit.

Also, this week I had a MNO (Mom's Night Out) with two friends- Anna and Erin. We thought we were going to a movie in Uptown but we screwed up and didn't get there early enough. We were perfectly happy with eating a good dinner, having a few drinks, and then browsing the stores in that area. Woot woot- I got home after 10pm!

Well, it was a busy week. James is sleeping so much better- for example, this morning he didn't get up until 6:45!!! For a few months now we haven't needed an alarm clock because he gets up before 6am... well, if this keeps up, we will need to set our alarm so we can get ready for our work day!

Another thing we worked on this week was to get rid of his bottles. Yay! It has worked. He hasn't had a bottle for almost three days now. The first bottle to go was the morning bottle. We started giving him a "snack" because typically he would have breakfast at Sandra's. So as soon as he wakes up, we offer a sippy of milk (he pretty much refuses this) and a piece of bread. He LOVES bread. At 7:30ish I've been giving him his usual breakfast- either oatmeal or cheerios and fruit. We did this for a few days and it worked well. So the last few nights we just haven't given James his almost-bedtime bottle. We've let him load up at dinner and then kept a sippy of water out constantly. He hasn't seemed to miss the bottles! He does occasionally say "Ba-ba" but now I just point to his sippy cup.

The video below is James watching Sesame Street. He doesn't need my prompts anymore to say 'Mo (Elmo). We were at the library earlier in the week, looking at the video aisle, and he saw Elmo on the video spines. He very loudly started saying "Mo! Mo!" It was cute :)

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