Monday, March 10, 2008

16 months plus a few days

Baby James is a little man. He amazes us every day! His favorite things to do are "sing", dance/move to music, and read books. (Please see today's video clips and last week's for examples of these things!) He still isn't talking much but I know his words will just explode one day. I'm a little sad that he doesn't say "Mama" much- but he knows Elmo from his doodlemat and books and says 'Mo. I'm sure this is to drive me crazy!

James continues to charm everyone he meets with his beautiful brown eyes and the longest lashes you've ever seen. We are very lucky to have a beautiful, happy baby.

I realized that I haven't sent an update to everyone since his first birthday. Please visit this babysite whenever you'd like, of course. I've slowed down with the journal entries and picture taking but to make Grandma Rosie happy, I try to add new pictures at least every week.

This month's shout-outs: Welcome to the world, Baby Lucy Q.! and Happy Birthday Esme B.! We can't wait to see both of you :)

The videos below:
1. "Read me a book?" in James-speak
2. James "dancing" to the beat of his own drum
3. Baby sign language- "Bath"

In unrelated James news, I have "lost" my cell phone. Actually, it seems as if it was stolen by a student. While I am waiting for my assistant principal to investigate and as I am working out the phone bill with many calls/text messages on my account, I am without my phone. It was a student who stole it because they were silly enough to call a number we could identify. Not too smart! I will email when I can be contacted again :)

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