Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break!

We figured this would happen and it did. James' language skills have exploded! He is saying "nana" for banana, "'Mo" for Elmo, "twooo" in response to counting (1, 2), "Go", Bah Bah for goodbye, "Baba" for the bottles we're trying to give up, he's been saying "Dada" for a while but it was in full force yesterday, and of course there is "No". The other remarkable thing is that he recognizes a picture of bananas and will say "Nana". The same with Elmo. Oh, and he baby signs "Bath" when he sees the sign in his book. Other signs (but not as consistent): more, cereal (cheerios), and eat.

James also blew kisses at his Dada this morning as Dada left for work. That was new. He copied us after just watching Jim do it for a few seconds.

We are also successfully brushing James' teeth now! I had a brainstorm of buying non-fluoride kids' toothpaste and using TWO brushes, one for each of his hands. We recline James, give him the brushes to get used to them, and then I'll use one of them and get in his mouth. He will let me scrub away for a few seconds and I think it tickles because he giggles. Hey, its better than screaming. I will try to scrub a few times within 2-3 minutes and I don't push it past that. Any little bit is better than the nothing at all we had before.

Another amazing thing is that James slept until 6:30am!! Oh, relief. He's been falling asleep much easier and without last week's crying for 10 minutes or more. Last night there was not a peep. We think a couple of things contributed to this long slumber: a very full stomach, a short nap on Monday, no night poop, a full day with Mama, and the sleep training is kicking in again. Well, here's hoping that 6ish becomes the new wake-up time.

Oh, speaking of poop. I never changed so many poop diapers. I'm keeping a poop count today because I seriously lost track yesterday. It seemed like it was every diaper change. No 'rea just normal.

Yesterday's fun: We had a very successful coloring session. In the past James would try to eat the crayons nonstop or he would try to walk away with the crayons (and we feared wall messes), but yesterday I very smartly put James in the highchair with his coloring book and crayons. Please see the video!

Weekend: We bought a bike seat and a bike helmet for James! The bike seat is called a "Wee Ride" and it attaches to the front of the bike frame, so James would be nestled between our arms. It looks very cool! He'll be able to feel the wind on his face and see so much more than our backs (if he was in a back seat). I'm looking forward to nice weather so we can try this out! Also, over the weekend, James saw Grandma Laura twice! She is a smart grandma and had tupperware and a ball for James to play with. I learned that James loves to kick. He may be a future soccer player :)

The second video is from when I forgot to lock the kitchen cabinet drawer of kitchen towels. James pulled out every towel and played.

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