Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleep issues

James had a rough time adjusting to the daylight savings time change. On Tuesday night I had to resort to CIO (crying it out) again because it took 90 long long minutes for James to fall asleep. After that long, I was worried that he was sick or something was wrong so I did take him out of the crib, gave him a bottle, and rocked him to sleep. Well, as soon as he hit the mattress he woke up and screamed. Fifteen minutes later he was asleep.

Well, until 2am. He screamed and screamed again. Jim ended up sleeping on the floor next to James to comfort him. It worked but it wasn't going to be a long term solution.

Changing his bedtime the next night really helped. BUT now he wakes up at 5am and screams. We call it a morning at that point. We don't know what else to do.

I am sick with some strange illness. I had to let Jim take over everything (feeding, playing, and putting James to bed) because my head was pounding and I was nauseous. I felt better this morning and I slept in, but I'm feeling not so good again. I'm determined to ignore this awful feeling in my stomach and do something fun today. And NEXT WEEK IS SPRING BREAK! Yay! Nine days with James.

Spring break plans: playdates?, storytime at the library, visiting Dada for lunch, going to the park, maybe some spring cleaning and baking :) Oh, and I'm going to completely get James off of his bottles. They are just habit at this point and not really needed. James is getting plenty of dairy and all of his vitamins through his real food :)

Jim should be back from the store soon and James will wake up from his morning nap soon too. I think we're headed to Babies R Us to find either a bike seat or a bike trailer for James. Getting ready for some exercise!

Oh! And I have my cell phone back. The student told the detective she "found" it. Whatever. It is reconnected again. Yay.

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