Monday, March 24, 2008


If you see our Easter pictures you'll see our Easter baskets. It probably looks like the one on the very left is for me, but it was really an adult easter basket for Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy, who hosted a very delicious Easter dinner.

James had an Elmo basket, full of little goodies from both Mama and Dada, but also from Grandma Rosie. Dada (Jim) had a basket with little Star Wars gifts. Mama received beautiful pink tulips from Dada.

The Easter egg hunt did not happen as I planned. James found the bag of plastic eggs before we could hide them and he dumped the entire bag on the floor. He did like playing with the eggs and the small toys hidden inside of them.

I really enjoyed my Spring Break with James. We had a lot of indoor fun, though I had hoped for nice weather to take walks and go to the park.

Please see our pictures of James and his Easter basket and then James wearing his new "Mr. Happy" tshirt. I saw the shirt and couldn't resist, since Sandra calls James "Mr. Happy Mellow Fellow". This is very true of James! He is certainly the most happy when he is around Mama and Dada, has spoons in his hands, or when he is eating his most favorite foods- peas, strawberries (new!), or bread. Oh, he is also happy when music is playing :)

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