Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend with Mom

Jim/Dad was out of town one weekend in February. Big Boy mischief at Tom's cabin. That's all I know!

I love a good selfy. I don't love my face in these pics (make-up-less, tired) but James makes great funny faces!





James chose Chuck E. Cheese as his place to go. $5 can sometimes go a long ways!



A man passing by told James, You have a good arm! James just doesn't have any interest in team sports...



Tongue out, ala MJ.







And his favorite game- water racing! We ran out of tokens so he played himself.


Active Mom for the weekend decided that yes, of course we can play outside too...even though CEC exhausted me!


We even did a little shoveling. Dad will be pleased!

Goodnight, Handsome. Not really. He won't sleep without pajamas.


Sunday morning swim lesson! It was my first time taking him in a long time. I was pleased to see so much improved confidence.









We sure were glad to see Dad on Sunday though. He was missed!


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