Friday, March 15, 2013

Grandpa Frank, Winter 2013

Grandpa Frank came for his annual fishing trip in late February. James was super excited to see him. I showed him pictures of him and Grandpa from our SD visit and he laughed at how silly Grandpa was. (Grandpa was sitting on James' lap at the SD Zoo.)

James jumped right into interacting with his Grandpa, like there had been no absence.

He was anxious for his Grandpa's attention.



"These are Angry Birds. I call them Pajaros Enojados."


We headed to the Mall of America. I don't think my Dad is a shopper but I figured we could watch James have some fun!

Right out of the car, "Can I hold your hand, Grandpa?"

And then Happiness.



We went to the SeaLife Aquarium. It's very cool that it's inside the mall. Unexpected!

Inseparable. Grandpa showed James the manta rays. He told James about fishing in the ocean and that sometimes he catches them.

Jellyfish. James thought they were spooky.







You can barely see it but Grandpa had a staring contest with this alligator. I told James that Grandpa won, of course.


Back at home. James was nice and comfy with his Grandpa so he went into full attack!






We went to Benihanas's for dinner. We like that it's interactive.

James surprised us by trying shrimp. He said he liked it! No shrimp on this plate, but huge portions for kids.







We love Grandpa Frank!


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