Friday, March 15, 2013

Polar Plunge 2013

Way back in February I did a crazy thing. I jumped in an icy cold lake for kids! Here is my photo diary of this day. I was lucky to get multiple angles of this craziness from several amateur and professional photographers.


Me and Hetty in the Gabriel van, on our way to the lake!


And Bobbi! There were 25 of us from CRMS, including three students.


The Guidance Girls. Hetty was the costume designer.


CRMS 25!


One of the coldest parts of the day was just standing in the line to jump! We stood outside for almost 20 minutes, no coats and in our jump-wear. Finally we saw the Polar Bear ahead and then we RAN!


There was no time to think about it!


They lined you up in your small groups, counted to three, and you jumped! It was soooooo fast. I didn't even see anyone else jump!



I was the first in the water. I say this proudly but I know it's because I merely stepped in the water. I did catch one small glimpse of the people ahead of us and I saw that it was waaaaaay deeper than we were led to believe. I was terrified of going under and getting sucked under the ice! Irrational for several reasons, namely because there were safety divers in the water!







It looked like I went completely under. Nope. I made it out with the bottoms of my hair wet, probably up to my neck.






I love that in EVERY single picture Jessica is smiling! She loved every single minute! Crazy girl.



Peggy and I took care of each other.



I think we are saying, WTF did we just do?!




Here are our Principal warriors. The head Principal is second from the left.





He is something fierce!



There was a LONG run up the hill, to the shoreline, where a hot tub waited for all the freezing participants. We didn't linger long, but long enough for most of the 25 to gather in a rousing C-R-M-S! cheer!



I took this self portrait in the warming tent and posted it to Facebook with the caption, "I lived!"



Happy it's done! Am I crazy enough to do it again next year?! Maybe so!!


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