Friday, March 15, 2013


Not too long after the kindergarten fieldtrip I got to take another fieldtrip with CRMS. I had never been to the State Capitol, and I ended up loving the building. I just wanted to share a few pictures here. Our school group was able to visit parts of the building that the general public isn't allowed. We had a state senator with us and with him we were able to stand on the senate floor, and visit the Governor's reception hall.




Minnesota Supreme Court

Gold leaf above. The kids were amazed.


The Governor's reception hall. The fanciest, most expensive room, said the kids. We learned that they designed it ornately to impress traveling dignitaries who might have thought Minnesota to be backwards and country-ish, so it was decorated in the European style of the day.



Father Hennepin



I had a student take this picture of me. I have a long history with tepees!


They offer free tours at the Capitol. Definitely worth looking into!


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