Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snow Day

One glorious morning I woke up and just KNEW something wonderful had happened. I checked my phone and sure enough I had about 18 texts from my wonderful teacher friends that school had been CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW! Snow day!! James' school district's information was a bit harder to find, so it took me a couple of minutes to confirm that he also had a snow day. And by then I was kind of wide awake which defeats the purpose of a snow day (= sleeping in!) Oh well!

James and I had a great time! An extra day together!

We went outside to check out just how much snow had fallen.


It was a good 8-10 inches of fresh, fluffy white snow!



This is our sledding hill after just a few runs down. It was slow going at first trying to get through all that snow, but soon enough we had worn out a small sledding track.





Snow saber. It really is for summer water fun, but he was having a good time with it.



My selfy. I always wear this hat in the snow. It's my warmest, most cheerful hat. And handknit by Ana!


The fun continued inside. Hungry Hungry Hippos! James always win. Just so you know.


Yay for SNOW DAYS! But really, we are done with the snow now. Spring can't come soon enough!


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