Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Miracles

Jim always tells me that when James is about 14 or 15 years old that he will truly appreciate the foods that I cook and bake. And he'll be bringing all his friends over to the house. Right now it's hit or miss whether James will try something new. He is pretty particular about his foods. He likes things plain plain plain.

This includes his sweets. I made these Oreo cupcakes for a special group of kids at my school (they did me some big favors)... and James took one look at them and said YUCK!


But I explained that they are white cake. He likes white cake. And then there are Oreos mixed in. He LOVES Oreos right now. And there is cream cheese frosting. He can't get enough of cream cheese sometimes. So why wouldn't he like these all together??

He actually tried it.


HE LIKED IT! HE LIKED IT! It's a miracle!

Well, he ate most of it but called it quits after that. He wouldn't have another, which was fine. All in moderation, you know.


Bunny egg. Just because it's cute. I think this was one for me, I can tell because it has salt and pepper on it.


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