Friday, March 15, 2013

Play date with George, the Bestie

There was no school for President's Day and the Tuesday after. We had the Bestie over for a playdate. Finally! Said James, our turn finally! We had attempted another playdate but George cancelled due to pink eye last month.


A funny picture first, to get out the giggles.



I tried to leave the boys alone, and not hover. I kept myself busy upstairs cleaning. I did look down often to see what's what. Balloons and Legos, that's what!


I kept myself busy with little boy jeans and patches. Seriously, just the left knee all the time?


George had the most awful owwwie. His Dad said (at drop-off) that George had a temporary tattoo on his face. When they used a cleaner on his face he had some kind of reaction to it. It looks like a chemical burn! Poor kid!


Star Wars Lego game on the Wii.


I challenged the boys to a "Weirdest Lego Guy Contest". They created weird Lego guys from our huge bin of parts. This lasted all of three minutes, and then on to the next thing!


It was great fun having George here!

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