Saturday, May 29, 2010

EXCEL family event

So one Saturday per year I have a work day. I have a program at school of EXCEL students who work on good grades, behavior, and attendance all year. We gather all of the EXCEL students from the district for a big family gathering of awards, lunch, and entertainment. I was in charge of the event this year so I was a little stressed for a few weeks before :) We had 700 people RSVP for the event!

It all ended up well. No big issues.

Some of my students posing before the awards ceremony-

I left my camera with a trusted student for several minutes. They took some self portraits that I discovered later!

Some of my SLA buddies, Cassidy, John, and Nate-

My student Catherine and her "friend" Jeremy. Catherine doesn't even go to our schools any more, she's a college student but she still supports us.

Well, it was the big event for me and it's over. I feel like I'm just breezing through the rest of the school year now :) I think there are only two weeks left!

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