Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tio Donkey (Rich)

Happy Birthday to Rich! It was his birthday last weekend and we wished him a Happy Birthday then and we even attended his 40th birthday blow-out. What a party :)

I baked some cupcakes for the party- I thought I'd share them here too for those who weren't at the party. Ana and my M-O-M went all out with the food too!

Oreo cupcakes! I need to make more of these, I found out that Rich didn't even get to try one.

Double Chocolate Cupcakes- devil's food cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Yum.

I love my new cupcake carrier! Thanks to Ana I now own two of these- they each carry 3 dozen cupcakes!

Classic white cake cupcakes with butter frosting. Sprinkles make them festive :)

This is what 8 dozen cupcakes look like in my refrigerator. There was little room for anything else!

At the party- I didn't think to take pictures of the deliciousness until I was halfway through my plate.

We put out the cupcakes after people overdosed on the great food :)

My sister rocks. She could go into professional party planning any day!

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