Monday, September 7, 2009

Ooops He Did It Again

I crack myself up. For realz.

James made an oops again. Jim took him to the potty and then helped him to brush his teeth before bath and bedtime. James went diaper-less from downstairs to upstairs, while Jim filled the bath. James peed on himself. Poor Blankie got a bit of pee on "him" and we had to change his sheets because James sat on the bed. Oh, and poor Jim too. He had a busy busy day and he still needs to pack for his business trip.

Its like he knows that going potty means he should pee, but he misses the target.

In other news, while I was busy busy myself, in the house cleaning and organizing, and taking care of James, I found some moments to bake cookies. I wanted to take a treat to work, to share with the nice ladies that I work with. Cookies are so easy and I have this great dutch cocoa from Rich and Ana. (Thanks again!)

Good old Martha. Grammy's Chocolate Cookies are goooooood. James had FOUR! (two different times, not at once people!)

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