Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun fun boy!

Yup, that's another ice cream cone in his hand. He doesn't get one every night, but probably every 2-3 days. I just love taking these pictures because its a shared love of ice cream! In this picture James is following along with one of his favorite shows, The Upside Down Show, specifically the "Picnic" episode. He knows the dialogue by heart, so in certain parts you can hear him following along with the show.

What a mess! James has always been very neat, never liking to have a mess on his hands or face, but with ice cream cones that all goes out the window! (or however that saying goes)

We had a full, long holiday weekend. On Saturday we did stay around the house a lot. Jim continued to stain our deck and I played with James and did things around the house. (This was repeated today- Monday.) On Sunday we went to Grandpa Roger's house for a BBQ. He and his friend Linda had their "kids" over for a get-together. Linda's kids also have their own kids, so James was able to play with a few little kids. He did very well! We were happy to go over to Roger's, but I had been bracing myself for a hard day spent chasing around James (in a un-child-proofed home) and a crabby James in unfamiliar territory. He surprised us by playing happily with toys, running around outside, and charming the other adults. He was thrilled to see Uncle Joe at Grandpa's house, and to meet Joe's friend Shannon (again) and her daughter Kara (17yo). I didn't take any pictures so that's why I'm explaining all this, probably very wordily.

This morning Jim was recruited by James to play in the "clubhouse". James calls his closet the clubhouse and likes to either read books in there, or lock his guest in the closet. I have sat in that closet, on the monkey chair, waiting for James to let me out. Its all in good fun I suppose!

So I went upstairs to check on my boys and found Jim laying on the ground, covered in Legos and blankets. James thought it was fun to torture his Dada! :)

Later on it was my turn to play with James and so we brought out the Play-doh. Yesterday at Grandpa Roger's I remembered that James liked playing with one of the little girl's tea sets, even though she wasn't good at sharing and was afraid James would break the pieces. (I told her that if James broke it, his Dada was buying it! And she'd get a new, even better set but she was still not sharing well.) So... today we made our own tea party out of Play-doh!

First, James made "sandwiches", ala "Picnic" style. He carefully layered bread, turkey, and then cheese.

And then we made our mini tea cups out of yellow Play-doh.

Brownie the Teddy Bear joined us! James is saying, "What do you want to eat?"

A sweet kiss!

I have exciting news. James really and truly earned a sticker on the potty chart! He ASKED to go to the potty and so I sat him down as usual. I asked him if he wanted some privacy and he said yes. I just turned around the corner to pick up some toys when I heard him say "Oh!" So I went back to see what was going on and I found him standing up. I must have missed seeing the stream of pee by like a second! I bet he was startled sitting on the potty, and stood up. Well, he peed a bit on the toilet seat and then on the sink mat.

I made a big deal out of the potty success, complete with a high-five, flushing the pee and toilet paper down the toilet, lots of "Wow!"'s and "Great job!" James watched me add a sticker to the collection and he looked proud of himself.

Possible TMI details below (you have been warned)-

Sticker #1: Kind of a freebie, like the middle square in Bingo. I put that first sticker on to show James that we are using stickers. He was happy to sit on the potty, so I was happy to give him that first sticker :)

Sticker #2: On Friday James told me he needed to go potty. When I pulled down his pull-up he had just pooped. It was literally hanging from his cute little butt. So it fell in the toilet and I counted it as a success. We were able to see the poop in the toilet and flush it down. "Bye Bye Poop!"

Sticker #3: Today's pee on the toilet seat and bath mat. "A" for effort!

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