Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love art!

James came home with the most beautiful artwork from school. I suppose its from multiple days of school, and not just what he did on that one day :) The pieces are laminated so I think they used to hang on the walls of the school. I will have to take pictures one day of his classroom- its very decorated and fun!

Construction paper tree with red painted apples.

We are in awe of this piece of art- the teachers must have had a mess that day! It looks like James had paint up to his elbows and they placed his whole painted arm down to make the tree trunk! It is beautiful!

We have a lovely, decorated refrigerator :) I know I should let go of a few pieces of art soon and send them to Grandma or a Tia, but how do you let go? Its like the thousands of pictures that I have saved on our computer hard drives- how can you delete memories? Sure, I take probably tens or even a hundred pictures at a time, but they're all special. (Though I should really delete the blurry, unusable pictures!)

James has a new TV show that he loves- the Fresh Beat Band. A group of teenagers resolve some sort of conflict within the show and do it playing instruments! There's always singing, drumming, and guitar playing. The episode that James loves involves a bounce house and guitar playing, so tonight he jumped on the couch with his guitar. It was really funny!

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