Sunday, September 20, 2009

Como Zoo and weekend update

First, a daycare update. Everything is still going very well for James at his new daycare. He seems to enjoy going every day to his "school". I still love the time of day when I pick him up and I get the most wonderful, sweetest greeting ever. "Mama! Mama!!" as he runs into my arms. He proudly points to me and says to anyone around him, "My Mama here!"

The "school" seems to have focused on the same theme for a while- apples and leaves. James brought this artwork home on Friday.

Tissue paper apple. The daycare laminated the apple so its shiny and smooth!

Construction paper leaf with orange scribbles.

So if I haven't mentioned it before, I missed our baby while we were gone on our vacation. It was a much needed vacation but we thought of James every day! I didn't get to see him until Thursday after work and I was DESPERATE to spend time with him. We had a good dinner and played. Grandma Laura stopped over unexpectedly.

So Saturday was our first whole day with James and we knew we wanted to do something fun. We took James to the Como Zoo. We really zipped through the zoo because James became so one-track with his thoughts of going golfing. I guess he remembered our last visit to that Zoo and that we had gone across the street to the mini golf course. I missed the whole golfing experience because I had to walk across the zoo to return our rental stroller, but I know the boys had fun :)

I didn't get many pictures because the zoo trip was so short, but James had a good time!

Looking at the turtles

We had a great time walking through the "jungle".

Sloth in the tree.

Wow! Bananas growing on this tree!

James is already starting to break the rules. He spun the wheel twice!

On the way home, James cracked us up! He was nodding off in the car, ready for his nap, but I was trying to keep him awake in the car so he would nap at home. I was talking to him and I gave him his Blankie to keep him company. He whispered to Blankie, "Blankie, are you tired?" and then he told us, "Blankie said he wants a nap!" I guess Blankie talks! It was just too cute!

I don't think Grandma Rosie had any use of time-outs, but we had to give a couple this weekend. James doesn't always follow directions right away so we do have to put him in the corner. Don't worry, its not often. And we tell him that when he's ready to say sorry, he is done. He's usually sorry right away and gives us a sweet hug and a "I wub you".

Grandma Rosie got him hooked on "cooking". James pretends to cook eggs (using his golf balls!) and he has a "stove" and uses my cooking utensils. I can never find them now, they're hiding all over the living room :)

Jim found this cool Dora game online that James loves. Its a Dora golf game!

My handsome boy!

Yup, he's going to a be a heartbreaker!

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