Saturday, June 8, 2013

Man of the House

When Jim is gone on a business trip (this last one was HAWAII), I tell James that he must act as the man off the house. He loves it.


So when Uncle Joe came over to return some folding tables back to Grandma's house, James was sure to lend a helping hand.


He even went along for the brief ride to Grandma's in Uncle Joe's truck.


Me and my Man.


Swim lesson. He is doing great! He tells me that he lacks confidence "on his back", but he's just learning and will get better and better!





Dad was coming home on this day and we decided to surprise him with a special sign.


This is a picture of James and Dad, on a path to McDonald's. I think this was a bit of wishful thinking.


But James and I did hit DQ for a cone.


We were so happy to see Jim (Dad)!


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