Sunday, June 16, 2013

Full Day

I've already blogged about the first day of summer. Here is our second day. I won't be blogging about each day the whole summer. I did promise to be better about updating this blog during the summer. It's a natural thing that I'd blog more, since I'm home :)


I found this art project idea online. Melted crayon dot art. Close supervision is of course suggested!


James made apple trees and fireworks.


We baked chocolate chip cookies.




We went to the playground.


When does your heart stop beating so fast watching your child climb way up high??


James helped me water our flowers and plants.


We looked at pond water under the microscope. We were amazed to see little things moving around on the slide!


It was raining slightly but we still went outside and had a paper star fighter race. He was so funny. In this moment I caught him singing "I believe I can fly..."

And then there was a brief pouting period while I cooked dinner. He pouted, actually he said it wasn't pouting, because I wouldn't let him play on the iPad or Wii. He said he would rather do nothing then! Never mind the thousands of dollars worth of Legos and toys...


The pouting didn't last long and I was able to get him back on track. Happy Tuesday to us!


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