Saturday, June 8, 2013

School Carnival

Right before the big graduation week, Westwood school had its School Carnival. We received the flyer so we knew it was going to be BIG but we had no idea.

Tons of inflatables and contraptions.



James was quick to run inside an inflatable to bounce and explore. It was hard to keep track of your child, unless you kept an eye on the exit.


Sometimes I spied him through the peep holes..


And then he saw this HUGE slide. I didn't think he'd actually go down it, but I'm not one to discourage or project MY fears on to my child.

So I waited at the bottom to snap some pictures. Three right in a row.




He came down feet first, SUPER fast, feet flying at my camera. I was quick to catch him and then he insisted AGAIN AGAIN! So a few more times and then on to the next inflatable thingie.

It was a sorta chilly day but that didn't stop James from wanting to go down this HUGE water slide. Again, I really doubted he'd go down it but I was pleasantly suprised to watch James wait patiently in the line, climb up the rope ladder, and then FLY down this water slide.





NO FEAR! So awesome!



His second time down...







And then his final third time...


I was super proud of him! And what a fun carnival!


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