Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

The day finally came! Our little boy is now done with kindergarten! Kindergarten far exceeded all of our expectations. We knew that Spanish Immersion was the direction we wanted to go, but I never imagined James learning all that he did!



James is part of the Class of 2025! Yikes!


The kindergarteners walked in. We were so excited to see James!



We ended up with great seats, right in front of where James sat with his class.


And we enjoyed their two songs in Spanish...



Finally the moment James received his "diploma"! Shaking Principal "Señor Larson"'s hand first.



and then Señora Kennedy.


Oh, wrong kid. Actually, I took Luis' picture because I noticed he didn't have any family at the ceremony. I'm sending this to Senora Kennedy to maybe send their way.


Ah! There's our boy!


Refreshments with the Grandmas.


We're so proud of you, James! You did great!



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