Saturday, June 8, 2013

James, the Bug Catcher

Grandma Laura hooked us up! She gave James so many cool toys for a graduation gift. James was very anxious to come home from swimming today and try out the bug catching gear.


This "gun" is actually a bug vacuum. James vacuumed up several ants, a large unidentified bug, and a spider! Yay... that spider is now in my living room. Safe in a bug house.





James was so cute in his safari vest. It came with an attached compass and assortment of "toodles" (tools).


Looking into the bug house magnifier. Cool bugs!



James cracked up at this bug. It's the big thing with a "blanket" over it. It was actually stuck on its back and was clutching at a twig. Funny kid.


Lots of bugs in here!


Oh yay. The spider.


Caught him!


And this is the binder that Grandma Laura put together. She put all of the "manuals" inside and some printouts of bugs. James said he knew what ants were, so we didn't have to look them up. I guess we'll have to find some other unknown bugs and then document our findings.



James also got a microscope! We looked at a few rocks and fossils under the microscope already. I told James that maybe soon we should gather some pond water to look under the microscope. He's super excited.

Thank you Grandma Laura for the thoughtful gift!


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