Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduation weekend

It was a busy weekend! James headed to Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry's house. I received the picture below, so I knew he was at least... clean!


I had an out of the ordinary Friday night fieldtrip with 40 students and 2 adult chaperones. My friend Cassie (English teacher extraordinaire) and Eric (Assistant Principal) took this picture with me, with one of my favoritte students Casey photobombing us!

The fieldtrip was a Michael Jackson tribute show- 2 hours of a "Michael" lipsyncing and dancing to great jams!



Michael is really my (new) friend Luis Castillo. He's been doing this for years. This is the second time I've taken students to one of his shows and he's so grateful for the new fans.


Students with a Thriller zombie.



The next day we spent a perfect Saturday with Ana and Rich at a Twins game. AWESOME seats. AWESOME company. Lotsa beer. DOH.


I found this artwork in James' backpack. He said that he is the King of the Castle, and there is Jim and myself, guarding the door. Yeah, that's about it.


When James made it home we were able to give him his graduation present at last.

I think he liked it.



Mario Bros Wii. All for me!


You're welcome, our little Prince.


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