Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Star Wars Days at the SMM

We decided to go to the Science Museum at the last minute after hearing it was Star Wars Day on one Saturday! There was also a Space special exhibit that we really wanted to see.






At the Space exhibit some of the displays were in Spanish. James easily read through most of the Spanish, to my delight.



Neil Armstrong's gloves!



More teamwork. The boys had to manuever a robotic arm to drop a metal ball through a target, but using only cameras to see what they were doing. It was very difficult!





James found astronaut people to look like us on this play set. Ha!



Throughout the museum there were Star Wars/space crafts and activities. It didn't feel like Star Wars until we saw the 'troopers!!


There were so many of them!



Good photo opp


James hesitated but he ended up taking a picture when the trooper asked. And when they let him hold the weapon!



Fun day!

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