Thursday, June 18, 2015

2nd grade assembly: Empatía

2ng grade parents were invited to attend a school assembly, brought to us by the 2ng graders. Their theme was Empatía (Empathy). They sang a song or two, we all watched a video, and the principal spoke about the school's efforts to show empathy.




James' friend Clayton was one of the students videotaped with a message on empathy.





It was a pretty short program. It was nice to see how things like this work in his school.

We didn't receive much communication about the Empathy project. There was one brief, almost hidden message in one of his teacher's newsletters to parents about how students should wear a plain white shirt and jeans for the assembly. Of course James didn't have either of those. The boy HATES constrictive clothing like jeans.. But I did make the special purchases. And then nobody followed it. Oh well.


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