Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Easter 2015

We woke up to the Easter bunny's baskets for each of us!



James had the best basket of course, full of things he wanted/likes.




We headed over to Grandma Rose's house for an Easter brunch. First, James was excited to have them try his new jelly beans.



Green apple or grass? I think Grandma got grass flavored!



This Mom was excited to try a strawberry mimosa. No jelly beans for me!


The weather wasn't great for an outside egg hunt so Grandma his the eggs in the basement. James always has a great time finding the eggs.




I think Grandma Ross brings home samples from the bank she works at... The eggs always have dollar bills, sometimes $5!



Tia ChaCha and Uncle Rich were kind enough to gift James with some new books! He loved them so much he started reading them immediately.



Grandma always outdoes herself with the holiday decor!



My favorite bunny-



Thank you familia for always giving James a holiday to remember!


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