Wednesday, June 17, 2015

March work stuff

Just some random pictures, work related.


I have the Gay Straight Alliance student group that meets after school a few times a month. I was unprepared with an activity or discussion topic so I pulled out the game of Life. It ended up being very fun and interesting! In the game you marry and have kids. It made me so happy to see the kids so casually choose same sex marriages, like nothing. How wonderful to live in Minnesota! Love is love.




I was the Staff Member of the Month in March and I had my own parking spot.



I went on a scrapbooking retreat with 10 teacher friends. There were many drinks and laughs.



The scrapbooking cabin was in Mora. I passed by this restaurant, made me think of Hinckley days.


I keep Enrique's picture in my office. He was the first student that I've lost, way back in Minneapolis schools in 1999. This was his 6th grade graduation and he died two months later. I thought about him a lot because I had another student funeral in March. A former student, gun accident and then suicide. Sad days.



Happier note. Another former student agreed to come back to CRMS to speak to students about his achievements and path to college. He's now in the Naval Academy, studying aerospace engineering. He tells me that he always thought about being a pilot but after I found a scholarship for him to attend Space Camp in the summer after his 8th grade year, he really knew it was his future. Yay Juan!



A funny teacher saw me taking pictures with Juan and insisted, "I want a picture with Ms. Lisa too!"



Same day. Happy hour with teachers after a long Friday!



Teacher shenanigans. I swiped this Yoda head from the technology teacher. It was 3D printed in the Tech Ed (shop) classes.



I helped to organize 75 sets of two grocery bags for families, for the Spring Break. A week is a long time without school lunches. It's not much but they get something.


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