Monday, June 29, 2015

Getting ready for Easter

We were egged!

A neighbor friend left this note and a Easter basket of goodies on our front steps. We had to make copies of the sign and do the same for someone else. Like Pay it Forward.



My Obama egg collection :) 2009-2015



Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt. James has always hunted for eggs solo so I thought a larger egg hunt would be fun. The kids were in a frenzy of anticipation!

The little kids got a head start. The big kids lined up for the "Go!"



And they're off!


One of the neighbors on the pond hosted the hunt. Their yard had lots of nooks and crannies to hide the eggs. Each kid was supposed to hunt for 10 eggs and then be done.











Evan and Alex were also hunting.


We even invited them over afterwards for a spontaneous play date and lunch.



It was a good day!


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