Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Quotable Kid

Extreme guilt for not blogging lately. I'm about to leave you with some delicious treats though. The beauty, the wit, the gut-busting silliness of my son.

My sister Ana gave me an awesome little book-journal to write down James' best quotes. I believe it was for Mother's Day. I don't carry the book with me everywhere, but I am rarely without my iphone or ipad so I do my best to record them in my "Reminders" and I write them down later.

Here are the quotes I have so far.

5/11/13: Explaining to James that at the Alice in Wonderland play he will sit in between Grandma Rose and Tia ChaCha... "You mean, like a girl trap?!!"

5/12/13: "Mom, what's the biggest number?" Dad answers- Infinity! "Mom, I love you infinity. Happy Mom's Day!"

5/14/13: "También, en México hay mucho arte." (Practicing for his Cultural Festival "performance". He left bedtime to tell us he's practicing, not sleeping."

5/21/13: "Uh oh. Mom! My penis went crazy. I don't know what happened." (mess on the floor)

7/4/13: "Dad, golf is on TV." To Mom- "Dad likes to watch golf. It makes him sleep."

7/14/13: "Mom, life is complicated." What?! "I just can't get past that Mario level."

8/1/13: "Mom, I think you're a good chef. You should get a job at the Tavern." What about my students and school job? "Well... we should talk about it later."

8/2/13: "Mom, I want to own a gold mine when I'm older."

8/13/13: "¡Tú es perfecta, Mama!"

8/17/13: "Mom, I know why I won. I prayed in the car when you weren't looking." (Lego contest)

8/17/13: "I'm the man of the house cuz Dad is gone. I'm kinda in charge of you."

8/30/13: "I hid my safe during my bath. I trust you but I can't keep my eyes on you when I'm in the bath."

9/6/13: "Dad, good job on the game! Who needs Chuggaconroy?!" Dad- "Just call me ChuggaDadroy!" (Chuggaconroy is James' favorite Youtube reviewer.)

9/21/13: "I would never call the police on you. You're the best Mom ever. I wouldn't want them to lock you up and take you from our family." (Talking about why I wouldn't really steal his safe, and how it is against the law to steal..)

9/25/13: "First graders always do their best."


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