Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fancy Golf & Lunch date

There is a golf course at the Minneapolis Sculpture garden. We'd been wanting to take James because he loves a good mini golf course. It was a beautiful day, I felt like summer was coming to an end, so we went.

There had to be a Cherry Spoon pic. I wanted to shoo those people away, but eh. Whatever.


This golf outing was pretty expensive. It really is a one-time only experience. The course was pretty creative and amazing though. Lots of thought went into it, lots of artist contribution. Some of it went over James' head. He just wanted to GOLF.





This hole was a play on perspective. Like an Alice in Wonderland little room.



Funny faces. Gotta love 'em.




Oh no! #gnomebomb!



A nice picture with my beautiful son!


After lunch we headed to Rye Deli in Uptown. I just bought a fabulous Groupon that morning and I was happy they took it soon. We feasted. Really. I said no to nothing. There is a giant cookie in the picture to prove that :)


On the way home we decided to make his Dad happy and vaccum out the car. Ha! I think James earned 50 cents for that.


Another great day with my James!


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