Saturday, October 12, 2013

Local Fun

One of the ideas we've always tossed around is taking a spin in a paddle boat on our very local man-made lake. We aren't frequent visitors of the lake. We're close enough to walk, but it's a haul if you're carrying beach supplies. James isn't confident enough on his bike yet to make the journey, so we usually drive to the beach.

So we rented our paddleboat for the hour. I very quickly realized I'd be doing all the work on this venture. James could reach the pedals, but not easily. He also tires pretty quickly.


Jim was at home, working. But he decided to take a walk around the lake and captured the picture below from a bridge. Hi Dad!

We probably only paddled around for about half the hour. It was a lot of work!


We spent some time at the playground. It was a perfect weather day.


I was sitting on the ground and taking these pictures of James. It was pretty fun.

Different color effects.



Pretty cool picture for a cool kid!


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