Sunday, October 13, 2013

Winner winner chicken dinner

James competed in a Lego contest this summer. I won't tell you how he did until the end. Just know there is a happy ending :)

James and his display. He made a battle scene.


The competition--




James voted for himself. All the kids did. James said a few people told him that they would vote for him.


Oh look! Two voters :) Tia ChaCha and Tio Rich came to support James. Thank you :)


James had to present his display to the judges.


The prizes.


Oh! And he won! He won the random drawing. Not the votes. Or the judge's choice. But the random draw. Hey, we'll take it!


James told me in the car that he think he won because he prayed for it. Okay.


And we have a helicopter!


It was a great experience. Next year we'll spend lots of time on our display and get Judge's Choice!


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