Monday, October 14, 2013


I am invited! Fancy invitation scroll.


When one of my students invited me to her Quinceañera, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to introduce James to more church and part of his culture. I had never been to one so I was pretty excited. I kinda knew what to expect, but then I didn't.

I didn't expect a hot pink, black, and animal print dress. It was quite beautiful and so very Sabrina.


The church ceremony was quite long. I was very proud of James for sitting still and respectfully for over an hour. He prayed for Sabrina and I was proud again.



We also went to the reception in Coon Rapids. There was a formal entry, a waltz, and then some paired dancing.


I grubbed on some Mexican food and Modelo beer. James didn't really enjoy the food (too spicy for him) but he loved the tortillas and ate some rice. We ended up sitting with some other former students (these girls were out of high school now!) and their parents. So we weren't alone. James even made a friend. One of the girls was even a Mario Bros fan so she and James watched videos on her phone and talked Mario. He was in heaven.


I was very happy to be part of my student's day! And very happy that James got to experience this with me. I'm sorry that the church ceremony was too long and he now thinks "church is too long". We'll have to find a fun, shorter service for him to enjoy some other time!

One day I hope he might even get asked to be in the court of honor! I'd love to see him do some traditional dancing..


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