Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas is HERE!

My small child just left his bed, ran to the top of the stairs and yelled down "HO HO HO Merry Christmas!" He giggled and ran back to his room. How can you be mad at at that?!

He's got Christmas on the brain. The Rudolph song is "singing" in his head. We think Sneaky is peeking in the windows (especially when he's on the verge of naughtiness- I gasp and look at the window. What? What?! And he thinks it's Sneaky that caught my attention. Sucka.)

I blame myself for all the Christmas cheer. We had the great idea of bringing Sneaky back to his memories. We had Friday off and James went to daycare. We decorated and put up lights. We picked up James from daycare and we were all surprised by the lights.

Inside the house the lights and decorations were up (minus the tree still) and there was a note from Sneaky!

Wow. And M&M's. We can't wait to watch the show! (and it was very cute. and it's gotten a lot of play around this house since Friday!)


"James? I'm not James. I'm Santa James!" He seriously said that, with Blankie as his beard.

More Surprises. After talking about Rudolph singing in his head I surprised James with the show, on TV tonight! We loved the first 15 minutes and then he said he was done. Stinker. But look at his short lived joy...

"I know what the surprise is!"

"Ooooh, it's coming...!"

"I was right! Rudolph!"

Silly Nene.


"I have a song singing in my head. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It can't stop. It hurts my ears."

I guess they were practicing Christmas caroling today!

-Blogging while living life!

Friday, November 25, 2011

FTMCD (Funny Things My Child Does)

James drew a picture of himself while he was at school. He very proudly brought it home.

A picture of himself in that box of peanuts!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I just did the happy dance with James to the Peanuts theme song! He giggled when I twirled him!

-Blogging while living life!

Famous Mom

James has a famous Mom. I am on the third page of the Coon Rapids Herald :) I found the same article and picture on the district website, here's the link:

Coon Rapids Middle School Starts a Food Shelf

I've been working on this for a while now. We've collected food donations from our school staff and have a group of students who "help". My friend Peggy is one of the counselors who sees a lot of the students in need, and she's the homeless liaison so we are a great team . I love my staff :)

Letter to Santa

James has been forming a mental list for Santa for a while now. Right now he is insistent that he has "just three things" and can't focus on much beyond that. Hey, three is good. I do know that his grandparents and tias will be straying off this list, so no worries :)

Jim helped James with this letter. They cut out the picture of the Lego set from the catalog that we very conveniently just received.

FYI- we have the Lego set and the blanket covered. I think Grandma Laura was going to work on the stamps? I have a few sets on the Amazon list for reference. He has the "Good Work" stamp from Laura that he played with yesterday. This has inspired his want of more stamps. (But not too many more- messy and who knows if this is a passing fancy!)

James wanted to mail the letter right away so his Dad did put the address and stamp on the envelope. They walked to the mailbox this morning to mail the letter.

Jim found an address for Santa and we'll get a response!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Thankful for James

I'm thankful for a little boy that runs to hug me when he sees me!

James is thankful for... Swimming Pools.

Yes, swimming pools.


Poor James

One day last week I picked up James from daycare and he complained right away that his ear hurt. The teachers didn't know anything about it. We went home and I made a doctor's appointment for the next morning. Ten minutes later he was sobbing on my lap that it hurts it hurts it hurts!!!

We went to Urgent Care. Sad faces.

Yup, ear infection. Antibiotics. Almost instantly better.

Actually, a pretty normal little boy after a good night's sleep.

I hope this is the last ear infection, though we've already had TWO this fall.

Dino James

A few weeks ago we took James to the Science Museum to see the dinosaurs. I guess it's a preschool boy thing to like dinosaurs. We saw more evidence of this at James' birthday party where his friends were pretending to be pterodactyls. Oh, and then they insisted on watching the TV show Dino Dan.

Anyway, before the dinosaurs we tried to interest James in the other science-y things. He really liked the hands on activities.

Weighing himself and finding out how much blood is in his little body.

Marble maze.

My future cookie chef can find a cookie anywhere. This is a "tree cookie"!

Ooooooh scary. Mummy!

Playing with magnets.

Ahhh! The dinosaurs!

James loved these puppets. We have puppets at home but it's not the same, I guess. You need a cool prehistoric background.

More Birthday Party

I didn't take many pictures at James' family party. Maybe I was partied out?

Grandma Rose and Tia ChaCha were good sports about trying out the Lego pictures. I only did the two pictures and then I forgot about them!.... Ooops.

Fun times. Packing peanuts.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

James' Friend Party

I have a lot of photos to share from October and November still but I wanted to look through and enjoy James' birthday pics. These photos (a lot of them!) are from the kids' party that we had on Saturday. It was a Lego theme. Lego everything!

Lego cookie decorating-

The favor bags contained Lego crayons, a mini coloring book, Lego candy, and a small Lego kit.

Noah was the first to arrive. Isn't he sweet?

Another sweet moment. I wonder if they'll last?

Cookie decorating-

Look at my cookie, Logan!

We saw James interact with his friends. He is a different kid!

I won!

So Noah starts getting active. It was funny when he sat on James' lap but then it was too much. James started to yelp. Noah started to wrestle and act a little wild after the first hour. I thought I was going to worry about Russell and then I met Noah.

Jim sits calmly in the middle of the chaos.

I really enjoyed Logan. Super cute and polite!

Lego play.

James received a camera from us for his birthday. His friends had a blast with it. I should tell their parents that they would enjoy one too, for Christmas.

I'll post James' camera pics some other time.

Cake time!


Noah. Silly.


Is this what it would be like to have FIVE kids? Aye.

Watching James open presents.

Group picture!

Watching Dino Dan (a show). Silence... for about 3 minutes.

These are the Lego pictures from the "photo booth". We used our iPhones to take these pictures and transform them into Lego mosaics. They are best if you look at them from a distance.