Sunday, November 13, 2011

James' Friend Party

I have a lot of photos to share from October and November still but I wanted to look through and enjoy James' birthday pics. These photos (a lot of them!) are from the kids' party that we had on Saturday. It was a Lego theme. Lego everything!

Lego cookie decorating-

The favor bags contained Lego crayons, a mini coloring book, Lego candy, and a small Lego kit.

Noah was the first to arrive. Isn't he sweet?

Another sweet moment. I wonder if they'll last?

Cookie decorating-

Look at my cookie, Logan!

We saw James interact with his friends. He is a different kid!

I won!

So Noah starts getting active. It was funny when he sat on James' lap but then it was too much. James started to yelp. Noah started to wrestle and act a little wild after the first hour. I thought I was going to worry about Russell and then I met Noah.

Jim sits calmly in the middle of the chaos.

I really enjoyed Logan. Super cute and polite!

Lego play.

James received a camera from us for his birthday. His friends had a blast with it. I should tell their parents that they would enjoy one too, for Christmas.

I'll post James' camera pics some other time.

Cake time!


Noah. Silly.


Is this what it would be like to have FIVE kids? Aye.

Watching James open presents.

Group picture!

Watching Dino Dan (a show). Silence... for about 3 minutes.

These are the Lego pictures from the "photo booth". We used our iPhones to take these pictures and transform them into Lego mosaics. They are best if you look at them from a distance.

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